The Customs clearance

The Customs clearance

International transportation of cargo is always associated with Customs clearance, which is obligatory.

Customs clearance means undergoing certain formalities arising from the need to transit goods and transport vehicles through the border, and also from changes in customs legislation.

You can pass Customs clearance either by yourself or by employing a customs broker – an organization, which can make the whole procedure significantly easier. Cargoes can either be declared at the place of dispatch, or processed as customs transit or international customs transit.
The list of required documents depends primarily on the direction of delivery (export or import), the chosen customs regime, aim of transportation, transport conditions, methods of the calculations between participants and HS code of goods.

Due to our great experience and knowledge of the customs, our experts will consult and provide professional support at any step of Customs clearance.

We are ready to offer:

  • Customs clearance of cargo in port of delivery;
  • Customs clearance of internal customs transit;
  • Customs clearance of international customs transit;
  • Customs clearance of export cargo;
  • Issuance of all kinds of certificates.