International transportation

International transportation

International delivery means transportation of cargo (import, export and transit) executed via any kinds of transport (sea, river, air, trucking, rail), in case its shipping place and place of delivery are in the territories of different countries.

Due to a widespread partnership network and knowledge of the specifics of international deliveries, we have significantly reduced the times and costs of delivery.

By ordering cargo deliveries with us, clients of S-Line Group Co., Ltd receive the whole complex of logistics solutions, namely:

  • Consultation and formalization of cargo transportation;
  • Searching of optimal transport combination among all possible solutions;
  • Calculation of price of the chosen transportation plan;
  • Freight forwarding in places of shipping and delivery;
  • Tracking;
  • Customs clearance of export, transit and import goods in countries of shipping and delivery;
  • Insurance.

We will deliver your cargo in the shortest time.

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