Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

In the process of transportation, between the acceptance of cargo from the consignor and its delivery to the consignee, there is a risk of loss or damage of transported cargo. According to the general classification, there are ecological, transport, political, special and technical risks.

The variety of risks forms, the severity of consequences and the need to cover the possible damage cause make a need for insurance.

Cargo insurance protects the interests of the client. Considering the financial and other interests, the client decides what kind of insurance to choose and against what risks to insure the cargo.

Cargo insurance always justifies itself!

We are ready to offer you both complex insurance for the whole way of the container from the place of loading at the consignor’s warehouse, to the place of unloading at the consignee’s warehouse, and partial insurance at a certain step of transportation.

We can also help to:

  • choose a reliable insurance agency;
  • preparing a complete insurance agreement;
  • develop optimal insurance protection with maximum coverage of insurance risks;
  • calculate an optimal insurance tariff.

Insurance means guarantees and confidence.