Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation means the cargo transportation under one contract but fulfilled at least by two different types of transport: sea, river, rail, trucking and/or air.

Today multimodal transportation is the most convenient and required kind of transportation of sizable cargo for average and far distances. The main advantage of this delivery method is the ability to achieve maximum use by combining different kinds of transport.

The experts of our company will choose the most convenient and profitable delivery schemes for both import and export goods from/to any world point, considering the type of cargo and places of loading and delivery.

We are ready to provide the complex of services to fulfill the chosen scheme of multimodal transportation, including:

  • Consultation and formalization of cargo transportation;
  • Searching of optimal transport combination among all possible solutions;
  • Calculation of price of the chosen transportation plan;
  • Freight forwarding in places of shipping and delivery;
  • Cargo movement tracking;
  • Customs clearance of export, transit and import goods in countries of shipping and delivery;
  • Cargo insurance.

If you choose our company, you will make the process of delivering your cargo much easier. Entrust your cargos to professionals!

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