Air transport service

According to statistics, the share of air transportation includes only 1.3% of the overall tonnage of cargo worldwide. However, its total value is 10% of the overall value of the world cargo traffic.

Air transportation is an indispensable way of fast and reliable delivery of the most valuable and urgent cargo. That means that such cargo as hi-tech equipment, jewelry, perishable products, natural flowers are best to be delivered by air in spite of the high costs of air transportations. In some cases, this kind of transportation can be the only acceptable and the most profitable, if speak about expensive or perishable goods.

By air you can quickly deliver goods to the most remote and hard-to-reach areas of the world with high guarantees of its safety.

We have been long and successfully carrying out all kinds of air transportation, and we know all the tricks of this market. Today air cargo transportations from China and South East Asia to Russia and regions are the most in demand among our clients.

We can provide the following for you concerning this service:

  • We will take the cargo from your supplier, quickly and carefully deliver it to the airport;
  • We will issue all necessary export/import documents for the cargo in the country of departure/destination;
  • We will deliver the cargo to the consignee’s warehouse;

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