Rail transportation

The railway is used for long-distance transportation of goods. For some types of cargo, rail transportation is usually the most convenient.

The advantages are:

  • large carrying capacity;
  • effective long-distance transportation;
  • relatively high speed;
  • transportation of various types of cargo in all weather conditions;
  • reliability and safety;

It the field of its activities, S-Line Group Co., Ltd fulfills direct, mixed, combined, domestic and international rail transportation over the whole network of railways of the Russian Federation and other countries, disbanding and reloading of cargo for its further delivery to several consignees, including delivery by ZhelDorExpedition.

We offer a wide range of transport services for cargo delivered by railway:

    • Cargo shipment in standard 20′ and 40′ containers;
    • Cargo shipment in specialized containers: HIGH CUBE, OPEN TOP, Flat Rack, Tank containers;
    • Cargo shipment in open box railcars and railcars;
    • Organization of cargo transportation in containers in direct mixed rail and water transportation;
    • Reloading operations at border stations;
    • Monitoring of cargo movement during all transportation stage;
    • Organization of cargo delivery to door;
    • Insurance, escort and cargo guarding in the way of delivery (by client’s request);

You can find further information about other services provided by S-Line Group Co., Ltd in the relevant website sections.