Sea and river transportation

International maritime transport takes the leading position in terms of the volume of all transported goods in the world. Cargo’s transportation by sea is one of the most economical and convenient ways of delivering goods. Due to this kind of transportation, it is possible to deliver the cargo that weighs hundreds of tons, for a long distance. The container system increases the turnover of cargo in seaports. Containers’ loading and unloading in a modern port takes only a few minutes. In this case, the contents of the container can be any — glass, textiles, household appliances, liquids, food, etc.

The advantage of shipping is:

  • Low price per unit of weight;
  • Possibility to transport any type of cargo without exception (solid, liquid, friable, gases, perishable);
  • Possibility of transportation of super-heavy and large-sized cargoes;
  • Easy loading and unloading works due to the use of an internationally recognized container transport system.

Specialists of S-Line Group Co., Ltd have great practical experience in the field of international shipping. The company organizes sea container shipments from Europe, the USA, Canada, China and other countries of South-East Asia to various Russian ports: St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Vostochny, Nakhodka and in the opposite direction.

We carry out transportation of oversized, general and heavy cargo using different containers’ types. If you need to transport perishable products, medicines, flowers, etc., we can offer you transportation in a RF container.

During of our operations in the maritime shipping market, our company has established reliable partnership with well-known shipping companies and container lines, as well as with their agents in ports.

The list of services provided by S-Line Group Co ltd also includes cabotage (transportation by sea between seaports of the same country). The company professionally organizes transportation of cabotage cargo to Sakhalin (Korsakov, Kholmsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Chukotka (Berengovsky, Anadyr, Conducting), Magadan, Kuril Islands and to any port with regular sea traffic.

We cooperate with::

Vostochny Port (JSC «Vostochny Port»)

Commercial Port of Vladivostok (PJSC “Commercial Port of Vladivostok)

The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port (PJSC “Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port”)

«Dalzavod-Terminal» CJSC Vladivostok

Pacific Logistic» LLC (Sollers) Vladivostok

And with many other seaports and sea terminals.

Our clients get a full package of services on the organization of sea container cargo transportation, which includes:

    • choosing of transport operator with advantageous freight rates and terms shipping;
    • full range of forwarding in the ports of dispatch;
    • in-port forwarding in the ports of destination;
    • compilation of necessary documentation for sea transportation;
    • releasing of the required type/size of the container, taking into account the advantage of the terms of use;
    • tracking of cargo movement;
    • cargo insurance during shipping.

We will choose the optimal route for the sea transportation of your goods, based on specific conditions and requirements.

River transportation

River transport is the one of the oldest kind of transport. It is very important in those regions where the main transport and economic links and river routes forgather (the Volga-Kama river basin in the European part of Russia), and in poorly developed regions with almost no alternative kinds of transport (North and Northeast of the country). Domestic navigable waterways belong to different river basins and have a developed infrastructure for the organization and maintenance of navigation. Ports are the important part of the infrastructure. A large number of ports operate on the rivers of Russia, the most of which have access to RW roads and can transship cargo from the river to rail and trucking.

Our company can offer you the services of river transport for the implementation of the chosen transportation route.

You can find further information about other services provided by S-Line Group Co., Ltd in the relevant website sections.